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How safe is your business data?

You wouldn't miss a car service, why miss a developing fault with your business critical servers?

Eliminate wasted time

Your time should be spent running your business and working efficiently, not trying to resolve surprise IT problems.
By actively monitoring your server you can ensure they are running as intended and take action where appropriate.

Daily Server Security & Health Checks
  • 24/7 monitoring of your servers security vulnerabilities and hardware health
  • Know your server isn't developing a fault while you store more critical information each day
  • Allow us to deal with problems via remote control via instant reports and alerts sent via email and SMS
24/7 Proactive network management
  • Antivirus definition update checks 
  • Making sure your server backups ran successfully
  • Vulnerability scanning and hacker attempts listed 
  • Daily and weekly security and health reports
  • Missing security patches reported and installed
  • Network wide bandwidth monitoring
  • Report disk space usage over time
  • Critical event log file warnings
  • Network shared folder / Log file sizes
  • Server performance monitoring
  • We check if your website is always live
  • Software and hardware asset tracking
  • TCP service checks 
  • Windows Services check
Quietly and Silently

Our software runs silently in the background running checks on the security and health of your server 24/7. When a fault is detected alerts are sent instantly via email and SMS; allowing for immediate action to be taken before potential downtime.
Minimizing disruption and even averting disaster - only a few of the reasons to choose us.

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